Our focus: The whole range for residential properties.

About us

Wertgrund – building the future from the ground up.

For 30 years, we have been shaping the market for German residential properties – as an investment manager and all-round partner. We focus on people, and their future is what drives us. Our goal is to create liveable spaces and new prospects for residents, investors, cities and communities. We are dedicated and specialise in everything that makes housing better. From strong investments and our own funds, to project developments and building management, to personal contact with tenants. Keeping sight of the entire value chain, with a clear vision for life in the future. This is our successful formula for combining attractive returns with high-quality housing. Sustainable, solid, innovative – and above all, putting people first.

About us

Developing value and increasing it long-term.

As a specialist in investment, asset and property management for residential real estate, we know exactly how property values can be developed. We combine market potential and trends, sustainability and profitability, approachability and far-sightedness. Throughout Germany and on the ground locally. By doing so much for tenants and owners, we do all the more for investors and institutional partners. From person to person, we manage the entire value chain ourselves and use each phase as an opportunity. Our project developments and portfolio properties are pioneering, combining attractive housing with promising returns. With assets under management totalling EUR 1.7 billion and our own fund products – one mutual fund and five special funds – we open up promising prospects for private investors and particularly for institutional investors. We provide important impetus for cities and communities and act as your valuable partner for the future.


Our approach: meaningful and smart initiative.

We have the courage to set out on new paths and are among the innovators in the housing industry. At the same time, progress is not an end in itself for us, nor is it incalculable. With a careful, goal-oriented approach, we facilitate positive change by keeping the following principles in mind:

Foresight and intensive market research

Our nose for trends means that we can recognise growth potential even where it is not obvious – for example, in selected medium-sized cities. Based on in-depth analyses, we identify new investment locations and secure profitable positions as a pioneer.

Risk reduction

Our portfolio combines a wide range of properties and locations to diversify risks and meet expectations for returns. Thanks to our on-site presence, we can control all aspects of property management, thereby ensuring its quality.

Active asset management

Acquisition, building management, letting, modernisation and sale: our asset management covers the whole range of services, acting efficiently and approachably. Our local offices manage around 500 residential properties per location, provide intensive tenant support and continuously develop properties. For optimal letting situations and secure income.

More sustainability

More sustainability


Growth and a sense of responsibility go hand in hand for us. We bring quality to the sector and make sure that, as far as possible, everyone benefits.


Our motivation: the big picture.

Environmental protection, social commitment and transparency were a matter of course for us even before people started talking about ESG. We are among the pioneers when it comes to sustainability – including internal topics at the company, of course.

Sustainability team

Accredited DGNB ESG manager since 2020

German Sustainability Code (DNK)

Annual DNK declaration and sustainability report since 2019

Code for Building Culture

Voluntary commitment to the responsible performance of tasks in the real estate industry

Diversity Charter

Voluntary commitment to the creation of a respectful, unprejudiced work environment

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Compliance with principles for investing responsibly

Social Impact Investing

Part of the working groups of the German Property Federation (ZIA) and the Initiative for Corporate Governance in Germany (ICG)

Process optimisation

Structured documentation of consumption data, special purpose-built SQL ESG database


Transition to climate-friendly energy, refurbishment and modernisation strategy for the portfolio, reduction of housing shortages


More than 25 trainees since 2004 with 75% taken on as permanent employees; opportunities for further training, including on ESG topics

Investment criteria

What we are looking for

We are always interested in acquiring properties in selected German cities to add to our portfolio. Below we have listed the key features for you. For further information, our acquisition profile is available to download.


Apartment buildings, residential complexes, residential and commercial buildings, land, construction projects/project developments with 40 or more residential units


Medium or good locations in major cities, university cities and selected metropolitan regions


Requiring energy-efficiency improvements, with a maintenance backlog, potential for optimisation or redensification


Individual properties and residential complexes from around EUR 10 million, land (TIC) from around EUR 20 million

Transaction Structure

Asset deals, share deals, privately financed residential complexes, social welfare properties, forward deals (new buildings)